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Are you looking for a business website that keeps up with current trends? JAPAN BANGLADESH IT is a best place in trust for your. Our commitment lies in crafting user-friendly, attractive, and responsive websites with lightning-fast loading times.


Website Design & Development

We done on website

Super Fast website

Website load time is most important for a website. Because faster loading times on a website will increase engagement with users.

Mobile/Tablet Responsive

Enhanced user experience, ensuring optimal viewing and interaction across desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

SEO Optimization

Searching for your website content brings it closer to the top of any search engine site’s first page, where users are more likely to see and click on it.

Social Media Integration

By including links to your social media accounts on website, you’re giving readers an easy way to connect and learn more about your business.

Google Analytics

You can view Real-time visitors. Once you know the pages your visitors are visiting most, you can begin optimizing and focusing on these pages.

Security Check

Security of website is most important for a business. If there are any gaps in the weaknesses, Hackers can easily attack your website.

Why you need a website for your business ?

Web Design & Development
  • Online Presence
  • Professional Looking
  • Credibility and Trust
  • Brand Visibility
  • Promotion: Marketing and Advertising
  • Customer Convenience
  • Global Reach breaks geographical limitations
  • Competitive Edge
  • Customer Insights
  • Communication Platform
  • Showcasing Business Portfolio

Our Portfolio

“Discover the magic of JAPAN BANGLADESH IT! We bring together the latest technology and creative flair to create amazing solutions. Our portfolio showcases our commitment to making every project a success, our designed website is eye-catching corporate identities. Join us on a journey where your business can truly shine!”

Our Working Process

Information Gather

Information Gathering

Information gathering is the process of systematically collecting data and details from various sources to acquire knowledge or insights.

Data Analysis and Planning

Data Analysis and Work Planning

Data Analysis is like finding hidden clues in information to help us make smart choices. Planning is making a roadmap for what we want to do.

Design and Development

Website Design and Development

Design is about deciding how things will look and feel the colors, shapes, and layout. Development is the actual building or coding part to make it work.

Information Gather

Inhouse Testing and Revision

Inhouse Testing and Revision are like checking and fixing before submitting your work. It’s a way to polish and perfect your work before pubish.

Information Gather

Work Deliver to Customer

Inhouse Testing and Revision are like checking and fixing before submitting your work. It’s a way to polish and perfect your work before pubish.


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